What’s running in your cloud?

Our platform lets you build secure infrastructure and gain visibility from it, automatically

Multi-cloud security orchestration via our “Platform-Security-as-a-Service”

We automate: SIEM, backup, audit, and vulnerability assessments

Hardened instances with integrated security controls

Security data and insights delivered effortlessly.

Our multi-cloud orchestration let’s you build the same infrastructure everywhere

Our platform orchestrates security services across those servers using rules and logic you create:
MFA, firewall, IDS, logging, backups and a whole lot more.

The SecureStack Security Intelligence Platform

SecureStack Base

Hardened operating systems

Our SecureStack Base images are pre-hardened Linux operating systems. Pick and choose what built in security tools to enable. Automatically talks to SIPServer.


Centralized logging and SIEM

Acts as the central logging server and provides web based SIEM. Automatically manages and provisions SecureStack Base images in the cloud.


Hybrid solution for the data centre and VMware

Want to manage your VMware, on-premise, and data centre and legacy infrastructure? SecureStack Enterprise has you covered. Best of all, you manage it all from one platform.